Saturday, 12 June 2010


Here are some of the thoughts from people on The Untrusted regarding Jessica Reed's little hissy-fit in closing WADDYA for the weekend to prove that the voices of the horrible people can be silenced if you know which button to press - or which member of the IT team to ask.


Waddya was developed into its current format shortly after UT rocked up - as a holding tank for potentially unruly account holders, a place where moderators could go and gaze at the wild and uneven outside world, but without having to delete comments on mind-numbed reflex, because they also knew everyone would there act out of aspiration rather than egalitarian exchange of ideas; they would therefore moderate themselves and yet make CiF appear cooler

The fucking amateurs.


I see Cif as a place for bored middle class professionals to get together to pontificate about how the world would be a much better place if only the poor worked a little bit harder, and for less money.

It fucking annoys me beyond endurance that kizbot and bru get indulged on there, the pair of them posting arrant nonsense on there all day, while Athens and Brussels burns in the background, and neither them or fellow posters question whether middle class jobs could be cut.

Let's cull the jobs of middle class wasters like kizbot and brussels if efficiency savings need to be made.

Stick that up as an idea on waddya and see where that gets you.


@martillo and chekhov - fair play to Jess for taking the ball home with her. The waddya thread is a fucking joke, and has been for a year or more. It's somewhere for kiz and bru and all the hangers on to bitch and gossip and ultimately say nothing much at all. MavisCoulter and MelissaDarley have seen through all the crap there, and their comments got deleted as a result.

It's interesting to note, as HenryTheThird said, that the proliferation of posters with "C"s against their names on Cif over the last year or so have almost exclusively come from the ranks of the luvvies who kiss each others' arses on waddya.

There are a lot of interesting and informed posters on Cif, posting on domestic politics, finance, foreign affairs etc. A vanishingly small number of them get commissioned to write ATL though, because they're not in the waddya gang, and the editorial staff at Cif are too lazy to read those threads or to talent-spot beyond the tea and jaffa cake crowd of time-wasting idiots on waddya.

Very few of those who have got commissioned by Cif to go above the line in the last year have anything of interest to say, and very few of them post regularly elsewhere on Cif because they would be shot down in flames by those far more informed than they are.

La Ritournelle

Just a quick slag off - Kizbot is a bloody pain in the arse, but "Imogen -Pleeeeeze give me job on the Guardian-Black" is worse. Her comments btl on the Unemployment thread are infantile and as for being asked to 'contribute' well, pah, her 'contribution was pretty asinine - I'm sure someone will commission her soon (Jess/Matt) as she's got everything they need - nice white middle class girl, pwetty face (just look at my professional shot avatar) an ex-actress, miles of vacouous vaguely left wing b/s to spout and her contributions below the line read like one long CV.


They shut waddya just when it was likely to get interesting. Kizbot posted some old shite about waddya just being a cosy little corner, not to be taken seriously, so why did trolls go on there and get so venomous about the regulars on there. The usual self-justifying crap we've come to expect from the self-appointed Queen of Bland, to which HenryTheThird responded (paraphrasing, from memory):

"Nobody would have objected to waddya being a cosy little corner for Cif regulars to while away their working days.

The problem was that waddya became disproportionately important in the eyes of the Cif staffers, who started commissioning the in-crowd to write stuff above the line, even though it should have been clear that the only reason waddya regulars posted their views regularly on waddya was because they would have been exposed as woefully out of their depth elsewhere on Cif."

As I say, I'm paraphrasing. I'd have copied and pasted but the post in question has been deleted.


Hank I pretty much agree with you
I see it as a grooming ground to get BTL that fit into the "profile" of the average Guardian's kind of Islington wine bar chit chat...full of identity right on politics that spew from the mouths of people that essentially haven't had to fight for anything in their lives and have no real intention of doing it unless they risk their iPhone...what sums it up is that bloody "rush home for the nanny" thread the other day.......
Alas decent posters and ATLers are in a minority...

Alisdair Cameron

Did get talking to someone who knows a lot about the Guardian's working, knows q a few of the staff. In brief,they are bollocksed. Business plan is like the South Park underpant gnomes but my source was very enlightening about the staff. The upper echelons are hated for being overpaid and massively incompetent, and of more interest to UTers there is little love lost between real news journalists and the all-singing,all-dancing multimedia fluff merchants, and some figures disliked on the UT are disliked in their workplace too.


Hank: agreed with most of your comment on "wadya". However, as much as I don't have much time for Kizbot et al, she made a valid point in that when the wadya thread was first set up, it was ignored by most people and the ones who did respond ended up inventing a chat room.
That's my recollection of what happened anyway, feel free to tell me I if I am wrong.
Well we all know how it panned out; more and more people joined in and started to challenge the orthodoxy. To cut a long story short the Oxbridge cretins who set up the thread didn't like the fact many btl were more intelligent than themselves, so they called in the "Mods" to hose down the hoi polloi.
It didn't work of course which is why Jesicca has taken her bat and ball home.

Alisdair Cameron

@ the Duke. That's about as much as I got, I'm afraid, but a certain cyclist's departure wasn't viewed as sad by all...
The big bunfight though is between those obsessed with new media gimmickry, video pieces etc (which are too often fronted by good-ish print journos, who aren't broadcasters, and it shows...and most readers don't have the internet speed/bandwidth to watch the bloody pieces) who hog all the resources, and those who think a little more focus on, er, news, in a newspaper, might be a higher priority.
Non-'sexy' items (i.e. those which aren't unsubstantiated, ATL trolling typically on gender/race/faith,those centred on vacuous ephemeral celeb shite, or thos tenuously tying something topical to the author's hobby-horse, streching credulity all the while) are getting marginalised, and the notion of actually investigating anything, or sophisticated,nuanced analysis has been marginalised.
Obviously you can guess with which category of staffer my source consorts and sympathises, and that cohort of journalists are looking to jump ship before they are thrown overboard.


There may be more but, as I have said, CiF has become a dead horse which I am no longer very interested in flogging.

I am working on one or two other things, so if anyone has an interest in CiF which can beat mine, (which cannot be bothered to struggle anywhere much above nil) they are welcome to take over. Otherwise, things will just have to remain very occasional and desultory in terms of posting here - unless something interesting actually happens on CiF, for which I am not holding my breath.


  1. Atomboy, not it really matters, but FYI both maviscoulter's and melissadarley's profiles have been deleted overnight. melissa was never in pre-mod and only ever had one or two comments deleted over a period of months 9and never on waddya (until yesterday). It would be interesting to hear Cif's explanation of why they deleted these accounts. although I don't really care, obviously.

  2. scherfig

    I saw your comment on The Untrusted about who has been whom on CiF and WADDYA but was unsure whether you wanted to grant them exclusive rights.

    As for your comment above, this sounds a bit like when I had several IDs deleted at a stroke one morning when there was much blood-letting and savagery on the otherwise figuratively softly pastel-coloured pages of CiF.

    I think CiF really is a sinking ship in terms of its credibility and the likelihood that it will be able to maintain - let alone increase - the numbers of posters prepared to spend time writing things which attract dedicated visitors.

    If all you want is numbers of visitors, you will be left with vandalism, violence and outrage, which costs money to clear up and results in none of those lovely, but largely mythical advertising clicks.

    You know that the first rule of CiF moderation is never to explain CiF moderation and you know that none of them, from Seaton down the line, is really bright enough to know why they do anything in the first place.

    If you wanted to salvage anything, just search for your name(s) under "contributors" or something like that in the drop-down and you will probably find it is still there.

    I am still not clear why JessicaReed has decided to silence the rabble - apart from the fact that she is just another fuckwit, like the rest.

    Anyway, good to hear from you again.

    Best wishes.

  3. thx, atomboy, hope you're well. The 'interesting' thing for me is just that the previously unblemished and very well-behaved (within guidelines) melissa was deleted a matter of hours after I'd outed myself on UT. And mavis went too. I can only assume that Cif were reading UT, but even then I'm not a previously banned poster like monkeyfish. So what's going on? Are they really that worried about a couple of piss-takers? Seems odd to me, but I must admit that jessica closing waddya for the weekend gave me a bit of a laugh.

  4. scerfig

    Never underestimate the mindless spite of those who have to watch from outside the railings of their beloved playground as the caretakers in blue boilersuits, with hunched backs and scuffed boots, clear up the mess and make the whole thing usable once again, I suppose.

    After all, if you contrive to spend your life sucking up to the parade of various incompetent teachers, at the same time as pinching and grassing on your class-mates and then squealing when you make a puddle on the floor, what are you going to do for entertainment at weekends when the school is closed?

    There was a collective assumption, I seem to remember, that Melissa and Mavis were one person, so once the signal was sent, the slack-jawed grunters in the moderation-room no doubt thought they would get a pat on the back if they showed initiative and just murdered them both.

    It is not about whether any rules have been broken and never was.

    It is simply any excuse - from the anointed by God, Papal Infallibility of the moderators to the fact that the staff cannot quite manage to wrestle and subdue the devilish machinery of Pluck - to weed out and discard any and every poster who shows more intelligence and insight than the staff or paid ATL writers or the hobgoblin, homuncular management team.

    It gives clear and open space for the likes of Bru and Kiz to run free, with their fluttering banners hoisted to declare: "Here be idiots!"